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Self Rule

Foreign Sheriffs

Fortified Border

Foreign Magnates

Mercantile Privileges

Recruitment Centers


For Catherine Catherine Malandrino Newie Sandal MZS72

Founding Fathers

Continental Trade

Religious Outposts

Free Thinkers

Colonial Militia

New Frontiers

Liberty Heroes

Dai Viet

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and The North Face Shellista II Mid Luxe k8l1Cqk

The Great Proclamation

Confucian Revival

Autonomous Villages

Village Militia

Don Dien

Thuan Thiên

Literary Reform


For all countries with the New Balance 896v2 VZCDkj
, Ancient Greek Sandals Niki TxQnjofd
or Shogunate government type.


The Bun and the Bu

Honor the Ancestors

The Five Rings

Wandering Ronin

Armies of the Daimyo

Honor Unto Death


For Christian theocracies .

Holy Order

Church Administration

True Defender of the Faith

Let No Man Tolerate the Witch

Onward Christian Soldiers

Turn the Other Cheek

Render onto Caesar

French Ducal

For all countries in the French New Balance 990 Premium Running Shoe Multiple Widths Available C7xKpp

Men of Trade

Renaissance Palaces

Qui Ruit Et Lethum

Religious Conviction

French Cuisine

French Enlightenment

La Petite Nation


Generic Ideas for all countries that don't have one of the other groups.

Preserve our troops

Regulated Contracts

Contract Law

Peasant levy

Mercantile Status

Strengthening Land Tenure


For countries in the Germanic culture group.

Frühlings- und Herbstmesse



Cuius regio, eius religio

Thurn und Taxis



For countries with Greek as primary culture .

Greek Orthodox Faith

Maritime Heritage

Klephtic Recruitment

Greek Diaspora

Vince Camuto Evesie bXhMyAUwS

An official website of the United States government.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency

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A situation assessment is conducted for the purpose of understanding the needs and conditions of your project and stakeholder community in order to design an effective public participation process.
It consists of gathering information to determine the public participation program and techniques that are feasible and most appropriate for the circumstances.
At the conclusion of a situation assessment, you should have enough information to determine Merrell All Out Blaze Web Black Sandal cTdNRh8YIp
for your project or decision and to design the KENDALL KYLIE Juniper 2 qwSCParR
Situation assessments can range from limited and informal to intensive and time-consuming. Typically, more formal situation assessments result in more detailed recommendations for the public participation process.
Outcomes from a Situation Assessment
Regardless of the level of formality and rigor of the effort, all situation assessments should result in the following key findings:

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Getting out in the field and talking directly with stakeholders is an essential part of good public participation and important to a successful situation assessment.

The main purpose of a situation assessment is to identify the conditions necessary for a successful public participation process so that the sponsor agency and stakeholders are engaged in a common purpose.

The information obtained through a situation assessment will help you to design a public participation process that responds to the needs and interests of both the decision makers and external stakeholders. It will contribute to a process that is based on a shared understanding of the decision to be made, the issues to be addressed, and the role of the public in the decision process.
Specifically, a situation assessment should:
Quite simply, a stakeholder is any person or group who has or perceives they have a stake in the outcome of a decision or project. Thus, stakeholder as a generic term literally can mean anybody. In practical terms, stakeholders represent the range of interests and voices engaged in any given project, and this includes the agencies, media, and other formal groups. On the public side, stakeholders can be classified in two major groups: organized and grass roots.
Organized stakeholders

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